Dive into the fascinating world of EasyMotionSkin and uncover the secret to better well-being that you can experience at your own pace and in your favorite place.

MotionSkin - Advanced technology, lightweight and comfortable

Cutting-edge technology and materials:
This suit is made of robust, elastic, and antibacterial high-tech fibers. All electrodes are seamlessly integrated into the fabric. This means the suit remains flexible, easy to maintain, and always hygienic.

Patented dry electrode:
Our patented dry electrodes harness natural skin moisture to conduct. The result? You can enjoy the EMS system without needing to moisten the suit or wear special underwear. The MotionSkin offers unparalleled comfort, providing you with a positive sensation for your body.
Easy Fit
Dry electrode

PowerBox -
the heart and powerhouse of the system

Connected via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device, the PowerBox not only controls the intensity of the impulses but also manages program sequences and control measurements.

The best part? It enables wireless EMS applications. This opens up exciting new possibilities for your routines stemming from the integration of MotionSkin, PowerBox, and the app. The era of wireless EMS training has begun, and the PowerBox is the engine making it possible.
7hz - 100hz

The App – Intelligent and user-friendly.

Thanks to our intuitive iOS and Android app, controlling your EMS training with EasyMotionSkin is effortless. From sign-in to completing your workout, the app guides you, focusing on what matters most. Over 30 applications for every need.

We offer more than 30 different programs in total, divided into various categories such as 'Power,' 'Metabolism/Cellulite,' 'Advanced,' 'Fat Burning,' 'Endurance,' and 'Relaxation.' Each category has individual frequencies and time settings, allowing you to find the program that best suits your goals.
More than 30 different programs
Effective training in just 20 minutes
Intuitive and self-explanatory app control
Secure application - thanks to safety mechanisms

Proven and popular.
Trusted by over 40,000 customers.

Black Edition

Mark Keller uses our HomeEdition BLACK.

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I try to train every day, not just EMS. I also do a lot of stretching, strength training, and martial arts training, and I combine that very well with EMS training once a week because it compensates very well for any muscle imbalances. Training with the EMS device three or four times quickly evens out this musculature. It's excellent for your posture and is simply an effective workout.
Mark Keller
German actor